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There are two types of two collage prints; “Template Generated & “CUSTOM  MADE”

Template collages are produced buy a photo labs using pre made templates and a group of picture files sent in by a photographer, they are usually a series of square and/or rectangular frames bordering each picture in the collage You can see an example here

Custom collages are produced by a photographer and sent to the lab for printing. We start with a background image and then add images (or sections of an image) in different shapes in a random pattern at different places on the background image with different levels of opacity and blending. You can view some examples of our work here

Custom collages cannot be ordered directly from the galleries, they require a consultation to discuss image selection, arrangement, background and text if any.

Custom collages are available in the following sizes: 10X13, 10X15, 11X14, 11X17, 12X18,10X20, 16X20, 16X24,20X20, 20X24,20X30, 24X36
Collages 10X13 to 10X20 can contain up to five images plus one background image
Collages 16X20 to 24X36 can contain up to eight images plus one background image

*prices do not include shipping & handling
10X13 $15.00
10X15 $17.00
11X14 $20.00
11X17 $22.00
12X18 $24.00
10X20 $26.00
16X20 $30.00
16x24 $35.00
20X20 $37.00
20X24 $45.00
20X30 $50.00
24X36 $55.00